Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm interested in attending one of your seminars and would like to know the dates, time, and location it is held.
Our main offerings are not public seminars but rather consist of instructor-led programs that are offered to your group of professionals at your place of business or chosen venue and your set date and time that works best for you and the trainer. Individual coaching is an alternative we offer which provides for customized one-on-one professional development.
How can our organization benefit by utilizing your services?
Zoe provides one point of contact for more than 30 trainers, speakers, coaches, facilitators, and consultants, saving our clients considerable time and energy in researching and identifying appropriate resources. Because we represent so many experienced professionals and programs, Zoe can fill virtually any organizational need or training and development objective.
Do we pay more for your services than if we were to book the trainer or speaker directly through them?
There is no premium for using Zoe’s services—our clients pay exactly the same rate when they book through us as they would if they hire the individual trainer, speaker, or consultant directly.
We already use in-house trainers or we consistently use another resource. Why should we hire you?
Because we have such a large and diverse cadre, we can serve to fill in the gaps that are left by your internal trainers or external vendors. Almost all of our clients utilize a variety of sources to provide for their training needs. We are not looking to replace your current resources; we serve as an alternative or adjunct when you cannot find just the right training specialist, speaker, or consultant you’re looking for.
Do you provide services outside the Denver/Metro region?
The majority of our professionals reside in Colorado, but we regularly provide services to many clients across the country and internationally.
We don't want just any off-the-shelf program. Can you customize it for our group's needs? If so, will this be at additional cost to us?

In order to be the provider of quality, value-added services, basic tailoring is included in our standard training package. This helps our professionals deliver programs that meet the specific needs of the participants and the organization. This tailoring will consist of interview questions by one of our Zoe Account Managers and a phone interview by the trainer/consultant prior to the delivery of the program.

We also offer extensive customization as part of our premium training package. Based on issues you may be facing, you and your organization may need a fully customized program or a lesser level of assistance such as development of case studies to reflect your specific situation. With a more extensive assessment, our professionals can develop company-specific exercises, case studies, discussions, or assessments to fulfill your organizational needs.

We have a need for a particular program, but you don't offer it on your website.
It is virtually impossible to completely incorporate the full range of topics and specific expertise offered by our associates into our training program catalog. We can serve you even better through a phone-based interview to ascertain your organization's specific requirements, which will allow us to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective training solution.