Performance Management Training

performance management training graphic depicted by words such as teamwork, strategy, and vision

Managing performance is one of the most important components of a supervisor’s job description, and yet all too often this critical task gets defined as “writing same-old, same-old annual performance reviews and documenting sub-par performance in the event we need to take action against an employee”…in other words, focusing your time and energy on the negatives after they happen and cleaning up the resulting mess.

Our performance management training programs focus on building skills needed to provide set clear expectations, model desired behavior, coach and counsel as appropriate, offer effective feedback in between formal performance reviews, AND make sure not to overlook your star performers who deserve some attention, too.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the components and importance of the full performance management cycle
  • Differentiate between performance review and disciplinary action
  • Recognize and create solid objectives
  • Have more meaningful and effective performance discussions with employees
  • Recognize when it’s appropriate to pull in additional resources

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