Shohreh Aftahi, PhD

Dr. Shohreh Aftahi

Dr. Shohreh Aftahi

Dr. Shohreh Aftahi is an international facilitator, speaker, and coach. With over 30 years of experience working with organizations and individuals, Shohreh helps teams move through barriers so they may optimize their performance and their results. Partnering with Shohreh, leaders and professionals are empowered with the skills, support, strategies, and insights necessary to master self and relationship management and boost their productivity. She helps teams develop:

  • High performance from the inside out
  • Creating diverse and inclusive teams
  • Enabling transformation by addressing the invisible human factors that stand in the way
  • Developing anti-harassment strategies
  • Authentic leadership using heart, passion, vision, and values to inspire others
  • A balanced approach in bottom-line result with leading from the heart
  • A practical method to moving the complex work system forward
  • Ability to renew energy to enable sustainable high performance
  • Creating a clear vision of your personal best as a team member and partnering to help you live it each day


  • Shohreh holds an MBA and Ph.D. in Business Management with a focus in Leadership
  • She has over 30 years in senior leadership roles
  • She is a certified executive coach
  • She is a VAA with TTI Success Insights, a certified behavioral analyst in a variety of behavioral assessments
  • Nationally recognized speaker and consultant in diversity and inclusion topics
  • She is a published author