Most Popular Training Topics in 2020

Perhaps more than ever, the current business climate presents the need for companies to use effective employee training programs. The year 2020 has brought many challenges, and these irregularities have redefined our relationship to the workplace.

During this difficult year, Zoe Training has kept up-to-speed with the changes presented by such factors as the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest. As a top training firm, Zoe Training does the hard work in researching how such challenges affect the morale, wellness, and productivity of employee teams. Moreover, we have designed curricula to address current challenges seen with such things as remote work and diversity training.

At Zoe Training, we have 35 years of experience with employee development. With such an expansive history in this field, we have the background to help your employee team realize important training goals and milestones.

Whether you are a government agency, corporate business, or small company, Zoe Training will ensure you stay current with the most recent trends in employee training. For those curious about employee training trends for 2020, we put together this short guide.

What is Employee Development and Training?

The best business owners know that their companies are only as strong as their weakest employees. Therefore, such forward-looking leaders consistently promote employee development and training within their businesses. Both employee development and employee training serve important functions in keeping team members relevant, productive, as well as content with their jobs.

Employee development is the practice of learning new skills and knowledge that expand beyond the current parameters of an established job. Employee development nurtures valuable skills that team members utilize for professional growth. The practice of employee development is wide in scope and geared largely towards investing in the future performance of an employee, as opposed to current job duties. Examples of employee development programs include communication, leadership, trust, and time management.

Employee training should be thought of as studying specific information and competencies to improve current workplace performance. Training sharpens a team member’s skills so they can better contribute to the overall productivity of the business. Examples of employee training programs include business writing and virtual communication. Even more, companies like Zoe Training offer customized employee training platforms for your specific needs.

Concerning both development and training, Zoe Training is onboard to help your employees fill critical missing knowledge gaps.

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Why is Employee Development Important?

Human capital is one of your business’s most important assets. Success within your organization is dependent upon keeping your team members stimulated, fulfilled, and productive while they are at work. That being said, there is no better way to show appreciation for employees than investing in their futures through employee development programs.

There are many reasons why employee development programs are important. The Human Resources authorities on the Business News Daily website cite the following benefits of employee development:

  • Increased Business Flexibility
  • Increased Performance
  • Better Employee Retention
  • Boosted Employee Morale

What can be gleaned from this information is the fact that employee wellness is intimately bound to overall business performance. Investing extra time and money into career development shows your team members that you value them. In the end, a well-trained and engaged employee is a happy employee.

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Why is Employee Training Important?

No matter the position, employee teams are vital to your business’s overall performance. Yet, many business owners simply do not have the time to keep employees up-to-speed on the latest advancements in their given industry. In like fashion, some team members fall short on developing basic workplace skills that are essential in productivity.

Employee training programs are important because they help ensure that each of your team members is performing at their highest abilities. Expert studies show that such programs can help your workforce in several key ways:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Heightened Teamwork
  • Improved Attitude
  • Enhanced Employee Confidence

There are many benefits of employee training. By giving your employees the tools to succeed on the job, you help build their confidence for present and future endeavors. This change in positive attitude will have immediate and reverberating effects throughout your business.

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What are The Most Requested Types of Training Programs?

The Zoe Training team is at the cutting edge of the latest trends in development and training. For those of you curious about these programs, check out the below popular training topics.


Diversity training is the most popular career development and training topic in 2020. The civil unrest of 2020 has led many businesses and organizations to reassess the need for diversity training in the workplace. While Zoe Training feels such topics have always been important, they have gained serious momentum over the past year.

The goal of diversity and inclusion training is to help team members from different cultural backgrounds work together in a productive fashion. Whether it be a case of gender, race, or religion, these classes are sure to help team members be more sensitive to the needs of their coworkers. In the end, this situational awareness and cultural sensitivity will help increase productivity at work.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement training focuses on developing soft skills that are tied to fulfillment in the workplace. By helping team members cultivate important practices such as critical thinking and creativity, these individuals become more engaged in both their personal and professional lives. In turn, an increase in employee wellness can help overall productivity in the workplace.

These training programs are designed to help each individual participant unlock their hidden potential. By focusing on such important topics as personality profiles and personal motivators, these training platforms can work wonders for your team. After all, don’t we all want to be fulfilled at work and at home?

Time Management

Time management education is relevant in any profession; this training is also applicable at any career level, from entry-level to management. Team members that are unable to do things like prioritize tasks and follow timelines can hinder the overall productivity of an organization. In the end, inefficient use of time translates directly into loss of revenue for business owners.

Primary objectives of time management training include lessening distractions, developing good habits, and staying organized. Once these objectives are realized and implemented by your employee team, efficient time use follows suit across the board. Even more, Zoe Training has found that time management education lessens overall stress in the workplace.


Communication training is as relevant in the year 2020 as it has always been. Yet, the modern business world demands a more expansive communications skill set than has been previously required. From emails to text messages, technological advancements have led to a new field of highly nuanced communications methods.

Effective communication training focuses on a wide scope of communication methods, including verbal, written, and digital. As your team comes to sharpen their communication skills with training, the positive effects will be realized throughout your company. This notion is particularly applicable for managers, as good communication is a major influence on employee morale at work.

Customer Service

No company can drive a profit without a dedicated customer base. Looking at both business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) models, it is vital that your employees work hard to keep your customers happy. Yet, many managers and owners are simply out-of-touch with those employees who represent their company directly to the public.

Customer service training platforms are designed to help customer service employees work at their highest capacities in these often-challenging roles. Focusing on such important factors as staying calm and remaining productive while at work helps employees stay centered on the important job of keeping your customers happy. Customer service training is a worthwhile investment in retaining customers and protecting revenue.

Leadership Skills Training

From the top down, strong leadership instills confidence and direction for employee teams. In order for your business to realize its potential, you must strategically build these teams in a fashion that utilizes everyone’s strong points. Within this process, strong leaders identify employee strengths that help individuals enhance such traits.

The primary goal of leadership training is to give managers the tools they need to holistically drive success within their department. These tools include employee motivation, effective feedback, positive mentoring, and managing expectations. In utilizing such a diverse methodology, managers feel comfortable in their roles while encouraging positivity in team members.

Virtual Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever altered the way in which we do business. As terms like “social distancing” and “remote work” have become the new norm, many companies have struggled to get their teams up-to-speed on this new business environment. To stay current with these challenging trends, business owners must ensure their team members can properly use the technology required to handle remote work scenarios.

Virtual teams training helps your company get up-to-speed with the challenges of conducting business outside of the traditional office setting. These classes train people on the technology required to conduct remote work, including Zoom Meetings, Skype, Google Suite, MS Office, and more. Certain training programs also teach team members the fine nuances of digital communication, including email, text, and social media.

Business Writing

Success in today’s business world demands people who can communicate effectively and professionally. However, there are vast differences in people’s writing abilities—even with those individuals who work within the same positions.

Business writing programs not only ensure that team members with poor writing skills are trained, but they also update people on difficult topics like grammar and punctuation. By sharpening your teams’ writing abilities, you will ensure your company is represented professionally to both peers and customers. Zoe Training recommends such programs as “refresher” courses to be taken on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

Emotional Intelligence

Many of us fail to see the link between establishing emotional intelligence and conducting successful business. As we reassess our approaches to business, many people see value in exploring the role of emotions in the workplace. By studying our own emotional states, we can better employ such practices as empathy for coworkers and employees.

Teams with strengthened emotional intelligence actually outperform those teams lacking in this area. Therefore, investing money into employee wellness translates into profitability for your business. Other areas where emotional intelligence is helpful include self-awareness, assertiveness, stress management, and flexibility.

Zoe Training

Your business is only as strong as your weakest team member. Due to today’s challenging business climate, more companies are looking to 3rd party sources to help with professional development and training. In utilizing Zoe Training, you can ensure that your employee team remains productive, content, and stable.

Zoe Training has 35 years of experience with professional education and development programs. As such, we have the expertise to guide your employees towards success and wellness.  Utilizing highly-proven adult education fundamentals and the latest technology in e-learning, we have the confidence and bandwidth to tackle the most difficult challenges of the modern workplace. With a solution-based outlook in our operations, Zoe Training will ensure you protect your investment in human capital, while helping you maximize productivity.

At Zoe Training, we are firm believers that productive learning requires clear goals. We are happy to discuss your specific employee and training needs and offer consultations based on these distinct facts. Our large team of 65 trainers will ensure that your employees are properly trained for the challenges of today’s business climate.

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