Customer Service Training

The fast pace and high stress of today’s work environment is a challenge for all workers, but none so much as those who work in customer service. Employees and administrators are on the front lines of company operations, as they must interact directly with the public, internal and external customers, vendors and suppliers, managers and others involved in the business.

At Zoe Training & Consulting, we offer customer service training programs and professional coaching to help your team more effectively interact with clients.

Through our intensive, hands-on skills training workshops, participants will learn to:

  • Actively listen to what the customer is saying and appreciate their needs and concerns
  • Understand and effectively manage angry customers (even if the company representative must deliver negative information)
  • Present a positive image that commands courtesy, trust, and respect
  • Develop skills that help them stay calm under pressure
  • Understand the person’s point of view
  • Help demanding customers find satisfaction
  • Diffuse potentially explosive situations
  • Turn an angry customer into one who is responsive


Why is Customer Service Training Important?

The value of customer support training courses can’t be overstated. Companies that improve the quality of their customer service can expect to see higher customer retention, greater customer satisfaction and increased opportunities to drive revenue. Professional customer service training delivers tangible results that help businesses reach their organizational goals.


What is Effective Customer Service?

Effective customer service involves a partnership between the company representative and the customer, so that the representative can listen to their concerns, identify their actual needs, answer their questions and provide solutions through this collaboration until the customer’s needs are met.

Today’s customers want and expect:

  • To be heard and acknowledged
  • Authentic interactions without deceptions, political spin, marketing slogans or clichéd responses
  • Adaptable, tailored solutions
  • To be part of the solution process
  • Respect and empathy


How Can You Improve Customer Service in the Workplace?

Customer service in today’s terms is about helping the customer be the hero and empower their expertise, rather than just having them call up to have the company solve a problem.

The foundation for quality customer service is for every company representative to:

  1. Develop and finely hone their active listening skills – The representative must carefully listen to what the customer is saying and respect their point of view.
  2. Identify the “actual” need versus the “perceived need” – Most customers think they know what will solve their problem but most of the time they are wrong.
  3. Identify a solution to the real issue – Once the actual problem is uncovered, the company representative must move quickly to solve that problem to the customer’s satisfaction.

It is important to develop your team’s skillset with professional customer relations training. A comprehensive training program will teach such skills as empathy, patience, consistency, adaptability, clear communication, a strong work ethic and knowledge about your products and services. It is also important for customer relations people to have a thick skin.

Dealing with unhappy customers can be extremely stressful. But for the highest level of customer support, your company representative must be able to handle difficult people and accept negative feedback without becoming defensive. Zoe’s comprehensive customer service training courses will help each employee learn how to provide exceptional service while maintaining a cool, calm demeanor in the face of adversity.

Other ways to improve service include improving customer interactions, enhancing your service strategy, ensuring that your representatives are happy with their working conditions and that they stay engaged, and asking your customers to provide feedback about their experiences.


Why Choose Zoe Training & Consulting?

Zoe Training & Consulting has been a source for professional skills-based training and development since 1983. With our human resource expertise and more than 30 highly experienced trainers, consultants and speakers, we’re well-positioned to help your team excel and succeed.

Our customer relations training workshops combine lectures, discussion, practical exercises, tips and techniques in a fun and engaging setting. Our instructor-led, interactive workshops are available as a half-day or full-day program (with occasional exceptions).

Contact Zoe today for more information about our world-class training courses.


Zoe’s Customer Service Trainings

Our practical customer service skills trainings are designed to speak to today’s workplace challenges, and they encompass many of the situations that company representatives face in all types of industries. Our instructors are experts in all aspects of customer relations and communication skills training. In their interactive training sessions and professional coaching, our instructors will provide your team with field-tested methods and useful tips on how to cope with the physical and mental stress of communicating with customers, while providing exceptional service that reflects well on your organization. These workshops are designed to be both fun and helpful, as they go deep inside the customer experience.

Our courses explore:

  • How to Survive and Thrive on the Front Lines
  • Creating Good Customer Relationships
  • Maintaining One’s Composure in Difficult Situations
  • Account and Relationship Management
  • Building Long-Term Business Relationships
  • The Secrets of Exceptional Customer Relations

Contact Zoe Training & Development to learn how we can support your organization so that your team can improve customer retention and delight customers.