The Science of PowerPoint and other class tools

Business writing and digital communication Courses

Optimizing the Impact of Presentations Through Effective PowerPoint

Course Objectives

  • Understand the science behind effective visual aids
  • Create visual aids with purpose that get results
  • Develop skills to move beyond the basics of PowerPoint to optimize impact
  • Avoid the common PowerPoint pitfalls
  • Practice the principles
Effective public speaking is not natural; it’s a skill that is developed and perfected over time. In a culture where individuals are asked to provide presentation skills in everyday interactions (i.e., meetings, conferences. webinars, conference calls, etc.), it is critical to be prepared to optimize the impact of your message. One key component is the effective use of PowerPoint and other visual aids.   

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will learn the modern adult learning principles that can help their audience understand and retain information better. These simple, but powerful techniques, will increase your impact and enhance your presentation.  

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