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Better Together: Diversity and Inclusion

Course Objectives

  • Gain expertise and understanding of diversity; understand what is included under the rubric of diversity
  • Understand the distinction between EEO, Affirmative Action, and diversity
  • Understand the influence of upbringing, e.g., cultural or personal values, perceptions, and/or world view, and how that affects one’s role as a diversity change agent
  • Understand how power differential or the misuse of power affects diversity issues
  • Begin to understand the “isms”; e.g., racism and sexism, and how that impacts individuals and organizations
  • Develop an inclusive strategy to diversity change
  • Understand the diversity change process—identifying milestones
  • Develop a strategy to deal with backlash
  • Identify one’s own values and identifications, and understanding the implications
  • Gain awareness that diversity work is an ongoing process, and what the phases of the journey may entail
  • Understand what commitment to diversity work entails: critical diversity concepts such as being an ally; intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation for change; pursuing a vision
  • Deal with conflict related to diversity issues and some communication technique

Studies have shown that diverse and inclusive teams outperform organizations with homogenized cultures and thinking. Diverse teams attract and retain top talent more effectively in this highly competitive marketplace. These same organizations create a culture of listening, learning and innovation. However, diverse and inclusive cultures do not happen by accident; they are developed and nurtured. They are more complex to manage and often take new skills to maintain. Many organizations are talking about creating diverse and inclusive cultures, but few know how to do it.

“Better Together” provides an honest discussion about racism, discrimination, and bias. This workshop goes beyond just talking about the problem but will provide real-world solutions of how to move the conversation to action. The course provides practical steps and tools so participants can begin experiencing change immediately and the benefits of a diverse and inclusive organization. 

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