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Tipping Point: Creating a Culture of Anti-Racism

Course Objectives

  • Gain expertise and understanding of racism and how to create an anti-racist culture in the workplace
  • Understand the influence of upbringing, e.g., cultural, or personal values, perceptions, and/or world view, and how that affects one’s role as a diversity change agent
  • Understand how power differential or the misuse of power affects diversity issues
  • Begin to understand the “isms”; e.g., racism and sexism, and how that impacts individuals and organizations
  • Develop an inclusive strategy to diversity and racism
  • Understand the change process and how to integrate anti-racist practices
  • Develop a strategy to deal with backlash
  • Identify one’s own values and identifications, and understanding the implications
  • Gain awareness that racism work is an ongoing process, and what the phases of the journey may entail
  • Understand what commitment to anti-racism work entails: critical diversity concepts such as being an ally; intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation for change; pursuing a vision, etc.
  • Deal with conflict related to diversity issues and some communication techniques

Racism has taken centerstage in the conversation for many organizations and companies lately. For years, racism was a taboo discussion, acted out as individual acts of meanness. To broach the conversation put people, especially white individuals, on edge. As awareness has grown, more and more organizations realize racism is a real issue and is affecting company growth, engagement, innovation, morale, recruitment, and results. Some claim the topic is a trend or fad, but experts warn that ignoring these critical topics will bring about short-term and long-term damage to the culture and organization. However, talking about the problem is only a part of the solution. We see the symptoms of the problem on a global scale. The next step is the most important one—undoing the damage by creating an anti-racist culture. 

The “Tipping Point” program works with participants to understand racism and where it comes from. The work session helps individuals see how it operates and why racism becomes a part of cultural norms. Finally, the program will explore ways to undue the systemic racism in the organization and build new structures and ways of thinking to experience an anti-racist environment. 

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