Sexual Harassment Prevention for supervisors and managers

Human Resources Training Courses

Course Objectives

  • The leaders role in harassment prevention
  • What to do when you spot harassment happening to others
  • How to effectively handle harassment accusations and investigations
  • The importance of ongoing harassment awareness and discussions beyond the training
  • A preventative approach to harassment
  • Know what you don’t know—The perceptions hurting you, your team, and the organization
  • Understand workplace retaliation policies and considerations
  • Define potential sexual harassment and triggers
  • Be aware of EEOC trends, and State and Federal Guidelines involving sexual harassment
  • Understand the organization’s policy on workplace harassment
  • Address real-world scenarios and questions about harassment 
  • Explore the role of social media and its trending effects on harassment in the workplace 
  • Discuss the role of generational differences and how they affect the problem  
  • Strategies to create a culture of civility and respect

Leaders play a critical role in preventing harassment and creating a civil work environment. This session focuses on helping leaders to take responsibility and understand how to optimize their role with their teams.

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