Leadership and Management

A Control Freak's Guide to the Galaxy

Taking Control of Your Life and Results 

Course Objectives

  • Assess how well we control and own our thoughts and actions.
  • Determine factors that limit taking ownership in the workplace.
  • Create M.A.P.S. to achieve your priorities, goals, and tasks.
  • Practice the skills and process to make changes in the way we own our performance and results.

Over time, it becomes easy to focus on what is wrong with your life and organization. This often leads to pointing fingers for mistakes, gossip and back biting, increased frustration with people and processes, and ultimately a drop-in performance. Top achievers have learned the art of turning their circumstances into successes. They create opportunities to “control the controllables” in whatever situation they may be faced with personally or professionally.   

This highly interactive course will provide tools to help you create self-awareness and personal ownership over your life and your results. It will provide a roadmap to help you take the steps you need to achieve your goals.    

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