Leadership and Management

Building Effective Teams

Course Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental differences between “Teams” and “Work Groups”  
  • Identify and overcome “The Five Dysfunctions of Teams”  
  • Recognize and strive for “The Eight Characteristics of Highly Functioning Teams”  
  • Apply specific tips and techniques to build more effective workplace teams.  

The amount of time that individuals spend working in teams continues to increase.  Unfortunately, so do the levels of dissatisfaction and frustration among those team members.  But the situation is not hopeless–research provides ample guidance on how to build more effective workplace teams, and that’s where this training comes in.  

Based on three well-known approaches to team building (Patrick Lencioni’sThe Five Dysfunctions of Teams, Carl Larson and Frank LaFasto’sTeamwork:  What Can Go Wrong – What Must Go Right, and Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith’sThe Wisdom of Teams) this highly interactive session provides practical team-building skills that can be applied immediately.  

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