Leadership and Management

Code Breaker

Solving Everyday Problems with Modern Day Tools

Course Objectives

  • Identify the core problem(s).  
  • Explore potential reasons for the problems or issues.  
  • Learn to test different theories.   
  • Adopt an action plan to address the actual problem and not merely symptoms.   
  • Observe results based on testing full system functionality.  
  • Notate the process.  
  • Effectively communicate with users to troubleshoot.  
  • Practice the principles with examples and case studies.  

As our world continues to get more complex, so do the problems organizations have to face. Highly effective teams utilize trouble shooting methodology to simplify processes and create strategies to unlock potential solutions. As individuals and teams learn to these critical steps, they will gather better data, address the root causes, and ultimately solve problems faster with better outcomes.  

The “Code Breaker” workshop builds on modern troubleshooting methodology and science that empowers better problem-solving and decision-making. This practical and highly interactive course will provide simple steps that can be integrated into any situation to address problems and optimize results.    

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