Leadership and Management

High Performing Teams
Building and Maintaining High Performing Teams

Course Objectives

  • Understand the critical elements of a high-performance team and integrate those elements into the team’s environment  
  • Understand the potential problems and pitfalls that face teams, diagnose team problems, and discover strategies for eliminating the problems  
  • Assess the climate and effectiveness of the team to create an action plan  
  • Maintain a group at a peak performance level and solve problems  
  • Use skills for effective problem solving and decision making, and to gain consensus for effective team performance  
  • Increase team initiative and responsiveness towards managing problems  
  • Preserve a high level of performance by understanding group dynamics and stages of team development  
  • Understand the various roles that team members play and how to maximize strengths of each member  
  • Create skills which help with decision making and problem-solving processes and apply strategies for eliminating problems 

People working together in teams represent the single most powerful resource available to any organization. In addition to their important role in improving quality and resolving problems, teams also provide excellent opportunities for sharing information and developing leadership skills.  The results of these team building efforts are measurable, even remarkable, as teams reach goals together that as individuals, they would not have imagined possible to achieve.  

This interactive format will help improve workflow and communication among team members, assess problem situations, determine a course of action, and ultimately increase productivity at the bottom line.  

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