Leadership and Management

Inspired Culture

Inspiring a Leadership Culture

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance of diverse thinking  
  • Create a strengths-based culture that optimizes team member’s unique talents  
  • Learn to create a strategic mindset and plan  
  • Develop story branding to align the way others approach the culture  
  • Explore change management strategies that minimize resistance  
  • Communicate in a way that enhances the impact of your email and calls  
  • Partner effectively with any level of the organization  
  • Implement steps to renew your energy   

To be a credible, highly effective leader you need an Inspired Culture. Many leaders fail before they ever begin because they lack the practical steps to create lasting change and a clear direction for their teams. In many cases, new leaders will resist inclusive thinking and seek out what is comfortable and normal for them. They fall back on processes that “have always been used” instead of doing what is right for their team and organization. Effective leaders understand the critical need to create modern day solutions to real-world problems. They also understand that it takes a culture to sustain these changes and optimize the impact.   

This program helps new leaders explore a fresh way of seeing their role and fostering a culture that maximizes innovative thinking and performance. These tactical steps will not only help create a strategic plan from their current role but provide a pathway to implement change that avoids many of the common mistakes and roadblocks. This work session builds on other core competencies by equipping leaders to foster a culture that leads to long-term positive change within their organization.     

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