Leadership and Management

Inspired Leadership

Leadership development has drastically changed over the last 30 years. New technologies and processes have emerged that are shaping the way leaders learn and grow. Organizations are faced with limited budgets and time to even prepare their people for the constant changing conditions. These conditions are causing two of the biggest problems facing organizations today: high turnover and low engagement.   

Keeping leaders and team members inspired is difficult, especially in the constant changing environments and pressures many organizations are currently facing. “Inspired Leadership” was designed based on the most requested leadership and management topics by organizations throughout the world. These are the skills and competencies organizations feel their leaders need the most to be successful within their culture.   

Although these topics are not new in the learning and development space, how we formatted them is very different. We created a blended approach to learning the materials that:   

  • Optimizes fun and interaction  
  • Real-world practice  
  • Convenience for the learner 
  • Customized curriculum that balances principles and step-by-step skills  
  • Reducing time away from the job   
  • Affordability 

Our inside-out approach not only helps improve performance, but provides leaders with a fresh approach to inspiring themselves, their teams, and everyone they impact in an authentic way.   

What You Can Expect from Zoe Training

We help you get from where you are to where you want to go - FASTER. Stop wasting time just offering traditional classes, webinars, and workshops. Partner with us to provide affordable, real-world learning solutions that affect bottom line results.