Leadership and Management

Leading Through Change

Course Objectives

  • Understand the stages of change and its impact on performance
  • Recognize how you are currently dealing with a significant personal or professional change and how you can improve your outcomes
  • Effectively work through barriers in thinking and behaviors that are derailing you from getting what you want 
  • Identify ways to help to effectively implement change strategies in your life and at work

One guarantee in life and any organization is change. However, as teams change, it can bring out positive and negative responses from the individual members. Without the right tools and mindset, teams can experience a decrease in performance, a drop in engagement, and an increase in turnover. Eventually, team members may even experience “change fatigue,” which can hurt the long-term impact of the organization. 

“Working Through Change” provides a fresh approach to team transitions, and practical techniques to reduce the negative effects on individuals and the organization. This highly interactive format will help participants deal more effectively with workplace change. 

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