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Resilience: Thriving Through Uncertain Times

Thriving Through Uncertain Times

Course Objectives

  • Determine what circumstances are holding you back from experiencing your best at work and at home  
  • Explore the science behind stress and how to effectively face stressful moments    
  • Learn the five steps of the “Resilience Model” that can create positive change in any circumstance  
  • Develop the art of curiosity to thrive in difficult times  

Difficult times come to us all in a variety of forms. It is not if life has setbacks; it is a question of when. As the author James Allen put it in his book, As a Man Thinketh, “Circumstances does not make a man; it reveals him to himself.” With each obstacle there is an opportunity to either resist and withdraw from living our best or growing through the circumstance to experience our best. Outside pressures have the power to crush us if we let them. However, these same uncontrollable obstacles can provide opportunities to develop and shape a better future. Highly effective individuals and leaders have learned practical tactics to thrive in uncertain times.   

The “Resilience: Thriving Through Uncertain Times” work session provides simple steps that participants can take to experience their best in good times and difficult ones. This highly interactive session will help you get through whatever you are currently facing and come out on the other side stronger.   

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