Leadership and Management

Strategic Success

Developing Purpose Driven Teams

Course Objectives

  • Discuss the reasons why many strategies fail before they ever begin  
  • Explore the 5 Ps of Strategic Thinking  
  • Use data to enhance decision making  
  • Develop an effective communication plan  
  • Practice developing a Strategic Map  

Strategic Thinking is equivalent to a modern-day GPS for teams and organizations. It helps to clearly define where and how to move your people and processes to achieve your mission and goals. It provides both a macro and micro view of your organization. In addition, it allows all the stakeholders to ask better questions like, “What is our purpose? How will we define winning? What steps are needed to achieve optimal success? How can we communicate this plan to our internal and external customers in a meaningful way?”   

Effective strategic leaders prepare for possible roadblocks and barriers, and they know how to adapt and flex through change. They provide ways to get everyone involved so each person owns their piece of the plan. The highly interactive work session “Strategic Success,” simplifies this comprehensive topic and provides practical steps to develop these behaviors no matter the role participants have within the organization. People will walk out with the tools they can put to work right away and help their organization reach their full potential.  

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