Professional Coaching Courses

Breaking the Coaching Code

Unlocking Your Team’s Full Potential

Course Objectives

  • Identify barriers to an effective coaching culture.  
  • Learn the 4 Coaching Zones and how to achieve Optimized Coaching.   
  • Setting coaching discussions up for success (Where to START?)
  • Practice real-world coaching events.  
  • Understanding the coaching forms and other tools to manage the coaching process.

Too many workplaces are caught in a corporate vortex of misguided culture and toxic success. While many managers think that making a change would be costly and difficult, learning to be an effective coach is actually easy. In fact, with the right tools, anyone can do it.  

The course, “Breaking the Coaching Code” (Based on the book), provides four coaching zones (feedback, training, mentoring, and collaborating) and teaches future gurus how to set a foundation for success, identify opportunities, and make a difference one issue at a time. This course starts with the skills you have and shows how even small tweaks can mean huge change. “Breaking the Coaching Code” helps busy leaders optimize their time and impact to get the most from themselves and others.  

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