Professional Coaching Courses

Performance Plus

Bringing Out The Best In Your People

Course Objectives

  • Understand performance reviews and their importance in the organization.  
  • Develop skills to create effective performance goals and how to implement them.  
  • Understand how to prepare for a performance review.  
  • Review different examples of exceptional performance goals.  
  • Provide a sample Performance Management System for performance goals.  
  • Learn to adapt and change performance goals as needed.  
  • Reward and celebrate completed performance goals.  

Performance Reviews are critical to the success of highly effective organizations. They specifically address different aspects of an employee’s performance in the workplace while working towards ways to improve. These discussions help drive individual performance to meet and exceed organizational expectations and provide motivation to team members to do their best work. Understanding what goes into a team member performance review helps evaluate team member performance, determine what goals should be set, and steps needed to achieve those goals. This highly interactive session will help leaders and managers refine their current performance review process and optimize their team interactions.   

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