Professional Communication Courses

A Strategic Approach to Relationship Building

Course Objectives

  • Utilize the “Influence Planner” to identify your communication goals, address potential obstacles, and influence method that will set your conversation up for success  
  • Understand and incorporate S.T.A.R.T. (Safety, Trust, Attitude, Responsibility, and Timing) as you prepare for your influence conversation  
  • Learn to effectively operate in all the influence styles  
  • Managing upwards to optimize relationships with leaders  
  • Address the situation when the conversation goes wrong  
  • Establishing common ground and win-win strategies   

Organizations are facing more complexity than ever before. Technology has changed the way they communicate but has not necessarily made things easier. Although organizations have tried to create flatter models of leadership and communication methods, driving change, and increasing performance continues to be an ongoing struggle for most teams. People are asked to do more with less. However, these critical efficiencies not only require approaching things differently, but better.   

Highly effective teams have incorporated new communication techniques that help elevate the way team members work together. The “Better Together” Model provides practical steps to help each person on the team get win-win strategies as they work together.  

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