Professional Communication Courses

Active Listening

In Difficult Times

Course Objectives

  • Identify the underlying sources of communication failure  
  • Recognize and effectively apply the 6 Communication Styles  
  • Understand and incorporate S.T.A.R.T. (Safety, Trust, Attitude, Responsibility, and Timing) as you prepare for your influence conversation  
  • Learn to effectively use the LEAD Model to improve active listening  
  • Address the situation when the conversation goes wrong  
  • Establishing common ground and win-win strategies   
  • Apply specific trust tips and techniques to resolve workplace conflict  

Many believe there is no greater tool in communication skills training than learning active listening. Whether dealing with difficult conversations or simply building deeper relationships with the people you care about the most, active listening allows you to create trust and understanding that will transform your key relationships. Although these steps are simple on the surface, many find them difficult to adopt because they are counter intuitive to how we normally operate. This session offers a safe place to practice using active listening skills with real-world examples.  

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