Professional Communication Courses


Course Objectives

  • Determine your Enneagram type.
  • Understand the good qualities, stressors, and stress behaviors of all the nine types.
  • Learn the history of the Enneagram and how it works.
  • Explore how the Enneagram can improve your relationships and personal performance.
  • Understand the assessment results and how to apply the information.
  • Learn to adjust to others with different Enneagram types.
  • Effectively utilize the Enneagram resources.

The Enneagram is a system of personality types that helps individuals and teams understand their core motivations, attitudes and behaviors — both the positive and the negative. It describes people in terms of nine types (including 27 Subtypes), each with their own motivations, fears, and internal dynamics. The model teaches key principles associated with critical emotional competencies like empathy and self-awareness, motivation, and self-limiting beliefs. As participants explore their Enneagram type, they will be able to accelerate their personal growth and development.  

This powerful tool provides unparalleled depth of insight to help individual development, team growth, and leadership development. Executive Coaches have been using this tool for years to help individuals address core issues. In addition, this tool can help facilitate change management and other people and organizational transformations. 

Highly effective teams have incorporated new communication techniques that help elevate the way team members work together. The “Better Together” Model provides practical steps to help each person on the team get win-win strategies as they work together.  

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