Professional Communication Courses

Influencing Others

Course Objectives

  • Learn to sell your ideas even if you are not in charge or have a specific title
  • Build partnerships with others to get things done faster and more effectively
  • Learn the 5 A’s of influencing to connect and increase influence in any situation
  • Understand the Relationship Matrix to build and increase trust
  • Practice the Influence Process to work with different types of people and situations. 

Getting people to listen, adopt, and support your ideas has less to do with position and more to do with effective influence. “Influencing Others” provides practical tools to help leaders and non-leaders create partnerships with others. Using the Influence Process and Relationship Matrix, participants will learn valuable principles that unite people around ideas and products. These tried-and-true methods will help participants inspire their ideas in others and avoid using force or manipulation to get what they want.   

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