Sales, Negotiations, and Customer Service

Making the Deal

Essentials to Effective Sales

Course Objectives

  • Understand the key steps in the selling process and how to behave at each step  
  • Understand their own strengths and areas for improvement in the selling process  
  • Know the five major selling pitfalls and how to avoid them  
  • Know exactly when and how to ask for the customer commitment  
  • Listen better as a way of improving overall communication  
  • Emphasize “benefits” instead of “features”  
  • Use questions as the primary tool to uncover needs and problems  
  • Use questions to overcome a complacent buyer and break through the “status quo”  
  • Use questions to qualify buyers to ensure effective and efficient use of time  
  • Overcome objections in a professional manner  
  • Develop an effective personal or company sales system including processes and tools  
  • Maximize sales through cross-selling  
  • Effectively sell in a team setting  
  • Understand and work with different buyer behavioral styles  

Many salespeople suffer from the same shortcomings. They are not prepared and wind up “winging it” when in front of the prospect. They present features when the customer is only interested in benefits. They lack a proven process for overcoming objections. They talk too much and fail to listen. They don’t take the simple step of asking for the order. These problems are compounded when the “salesperson” is also a provider of professional services (such as bankers, lawyers, engineers, accountants and consultants) who must first be great at what they do and are only a “part-time” salesperson.  

Selling is a highly professional activity, and anyone can be an excellent salesperson with the right tools and the proper training and practice.  Our interactive sales training programs provide the tools and train for the key skills all sales professionals must have to succeed.  

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