Sales, Negotiations, and Customer Service

New Rules of Customer Service

Creating Relationships that Matter

Course Objectives

  • Identify and deliver “effective” customer service.  
  • Learn the different DISC languages and how to improve communication with customers.  
  • Utilize the “5 Key Roles” to increase personal ownership and responsibility.  
  • Develop and build deeper trust relationships with internal and external customers.  
  • Use the LEAD Process to optimize customer interactions.   
  • Utilize active listening techniques to understand and better support the customer.  
  • Understand and manage angry and demanding customers.  
  • Identify the rules for writing, sending, and receiving emails (and calls).  
  • Explore the relationship between time, effectiveness and productivity to get results.  
  • Use skills needed to stay calm under pressure and renew energy.  

With an increase in competition, higher demands for responsiveness, new management technologies, and access to online resources, the customer experience is being redefined. Organizations are scrambling to meet new demands and shifts in the industry. Exceptional account and relationship management is continuing to evolve. Highly effective service teams have gone beyond outdated techniques and have learned to implement a culture of world-class service for their internal and external customers. From government agencies to Fortune 500 companies, the goal is the same: master the new rules of customer service. 

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