Sales, Negotiations, and Customer Service

Winning Negotiations

Course Objectives

  • Understand and achieve your negotiation priorities.  
  • Determine your BATNA and ZOPA to help know how to negotiate the best price and outcome in each situation.  
  • Identify your negotiation style and select the one that optimizes in each negotiation.  
  • Learn to use influence when you aren’t the ultimate decision-maker.   
  • Defining effective negotiations  
  • Focus on the “Why” – what are you solving and finding a common goal  
  • The art of asking the right questions   
  • Exploring win-win options  
  • Taking action and follow-up  
  • Handling when negotiations gets off track  

Whether buying or selling a product or getting coworkers to work together on a project, the reality is that negotiating is an everyday necessity. We all do negotiations, but do we get the results we want, consistently. Some think they lack the “natural” ability to be a great negotiator. However, top negotiators reveal that these are learned skills that anyone can use to get the results they want.   

In this interactive and practical course, participants will understand why negotiations fail and how to avoid these common mistakes. Whether negotiating lunch with co-workers or working on high-stake million-dollar deals, these proven tactics will give participants the edge to achieve a winning negotiation.    

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