Social and Emotional Intelligence Courses

EQ - Emotional Intelligence

Understanding and Using Emotional Intelligence to Working Relationships

Course Objectives

  • Understand the applications for and importance of Emotional Intelligence 
  • Be aware of and comprehend own current level of Emotional Intelligence  
  • Apply tools to grow those skill areas requiring further development 
  • Learn to practice skills to further improve interactions with co-workers, clients, and others

Individuals and teams with high Emotional Intelligence scores consistently outperform individuals and teams that are primarily qualified on technical competencies alone. Handling the obstacles any organization and/or work-team faces at one point or another and continuing to innovative and insightful solutions is a sign of a highly functional team and exceptional leader. 

Emotional Intelligence is a key part to getting to the core of what is wanted and needed by the individual as well as the organization. Most individuals, particularly those who have been promoted into a management or supervisory role, have at least some level of inherent Emotional Intelligence proficiency.  The good news is that these skills can be consciously learned and that no matter how high your current skill level may be, there’s room to improve and to take your personal and team leadership to the next level.

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