Social and Emotional Intelligence Courses

The Trust Factor: Building Team and Individual Trust

Establishing Trust Relationships and Trust Culture

Course Objectives

  • Determine what the cost of trust is to your team.  
  • Discuss assumptions about trust.  
  • Learn specific trust skills and behaviors.  
  • How to start a trust relationship.  
  • Skills to deal with untrusting people and cultures.  
  • Practice trust principles.  

How important is trust to your team and organization? One survey indicated that only 51% of employees have a trust and confidence in senior management. Only 36% of employees believe their leaders act with honesty and integrity. This session explores the meaning, importance, and cost of trust. Trust is more than just a feeling; it is a decision that can grow and develop in any situation. In this session, participants will develop specific trust skills and behaviors to create solid business relationships and a trustworthy culture.

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