Social and Emotional Intelligence Courses

Toxic Success

Course Objectives

  • Identify the difference between “True Success” and “Toxic Success”
  • Explore the 4 Steps that reduce toxic success syndrome
  • Practice the principles that increase meaning and purpose in your work and home
  • Establish a success plan that will ensure long-term success

Feeling overwhelmed by the pressures in our professional and personal life has become a new normal. We often wear the title “workaholic” like a badge of honor or a featured skill on a resume. Although we are filling our time with more “stuff” we are assuming that stuff is creating more meaning for us and the organization. There is a huge difference in an activity driven culture and a purpose driven culture. One of the biggest differences is the emotional state of our team members. Some feel by just changing jobs or better time management it will fix the emptiness many are facing. New research shows that most of these feelings come from “toxicity from a distracted mind, addiction to stress, and the emotional and spiritual detachment that comes with constant multitasking your life away.” This workshop will help you change your awareness, regain your attention, and reconnect to your best self at home and at work.    

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