Virtual Teams

Prioritizing Projects in a Virtual Office

Course Objectives

  • Define the project life cycle. 
  • Understand the importance process of how the pieces work together. 
  • Establish roles, resources, and timelines. 
  • Utilize templates, tools, and resources to manage the process.
  • Create a clear understand of stakeholder’s expectations in light of team constraints. 
  • Establish communication procedures.
  • Incorporate ongoing feedback models and continuous delivery to create efficiency and effectiveness.  
  • End the project with the highest impact and maximum efficiency. 

In today’s world, prioritizing projects can be a daunting process, especially in a virtual office. Successful team members know how to effectively manage the different projects they have from start to finish. These team members integrate a process that focuses on efficiency and adaptability in the project management process.

This hands-on interactive workshop is designed to familiarize participants with the basics of project organization and how to manage different projects from start to finish. Participants will explore the four phases of the project lifecycle (Prepare, Plan, Perform, Perfect) along with the best practices and proven techniques. You will discover the benefits of managing and prioritizing projects through a structured approach with an emphasis on both hard and soft skills to realize maximum potential for project success.

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