Virtual Teams

Virtual Team Essentials

Managing Effective Virtual Teams

Course Objectives

  • Assess you and your team’s virtual team effectiveness score  
  • Understand the importance of creating meaningful virtual team moments  
  • Plan for the 10 essentials of highly effective virtual teams  
  • Explore new ways to manage and lead virtual teams  
  • Create a new plan to have the virtual team you need and want  

Highly performing virtual teams don’t happen by accident; they happen by design. Although there is greater complexity in working on virtual teams, there is also the potential to achieve even higher performance and greater results. Companies are being forced into adopting new virtual models to cope with Covid-19 and keep up with global trends. However, many organizations are not prepared for the challenges and requirements needed to thrive in these virtual environments. The strategies that used to work when everyone was working under one roof, no longer has the same effect in these new online communities. Many managers and teams are needing to retool and explore a fresh approach to working remotely.   

The “Virtual Team Essentials” course provides new tactics and strategies to approach the modern problems virtual teams face. This highly interactive course will call out common mistakes holding teams back from experiencing their highest potential and helps them achieve new levels of individual and team success.    

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