Communication Skills for Supervisors & Managers

In employee surveys across all industries, individual contributors consistently tell their employers that the quality of communication between themselves and their managers is THE most important factor in their job satisfaction/engagement. 

Unfortunately, many of those same individual contributors report that their supervisors and managers are not very good communicators.  To that end, this practical, hands on workshop is designed to help participants build better communication skills through a highly interactive format that allows for immediate content application.

Objectives: Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the fundamental components of effective communication;
  • Recognize their individual communication styles – including how to leverage the strengths of those styles – while compensating for their weaknesses;
  • Engage in effective performance discussions with their direct reports;
  • Give AND receive negative feedback more effectively; and
  • Apply the skills and competencies necessary to be a more effective listener

Half day

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