Essential Project Management

In today’s fast paced environment, people are doing more with less.  Since many employees are now wearing several different hats, they need to manage their tasks and time efficiently.  Additionally, management and clients expect projects to run faster, cheaper, and more effectively and efficiently than ever before. This workshop will give participants the skills, tools, and methodologies to successfully manage such projects.

Who Should Attend:
This is a basic course for managers, team leaders, project managers, team members, consultants or business owners who are interested in or responsible for the cost, schedule, and scope of projects.

Objectives:  Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Define the project life cycle
  • Understand the importance of sponsorship, customer needs, and stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Create a successful project team
  • Develop a task plan and work breakdown structure
  • Identify the critical path of the project schedule
  • Utilize a change management plan
  • Assess project risks and develop risk mitigation strategies
  • Design measurements and monitors for a project audit process
  • Close out a project

Sample Agenda:

  • Defining a project
    • The project life cycle
    • How the selection and prioritization of projects supports the organization mission, goals, and plans
    • The Project Charter process
  • Developing a scope checklist
  • Designing a team contract
  • Analyzing the project planning steps and their sequence
  • Allocating resources
  • Assessing project risks and their impact on project outcomes
  • Designing project risk mitigation strategies
  • Incorporating changes into the project plan
  • Setting up a communication plan
  • Closing out a project and its importance

Full day.

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