Job Interviewing Skills

  • Are you nervous about the prospect of interviewing for another position?
  • Have you NOT applied for positions that interested you because you dreaded the job interview?
  • Have you been turned down for positions when you are confident you were the perfect fit?

In this practical, highly interactive session, we will identify the biggest interviewing faux pas, work through your nerves and prep you for a stronger, more impressive interview experience.

Sample Agenda:

  • Interpreting the job posting and determining true fit
  • Answering a poorly asked/worded question in an exceptional way
  • Identifying topics to avoid and ways to steer clear of inappropriate questions
  • Mining your professional experience for examples and stories related to core competencies
  • Recognizing your own interviewing blind spots
  • Getting past “the jitters”
  • Valuing feedback and personal debrief

Half to full day.

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